Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Unlikely BFFs Part XXII: Bobcat and fawn edition

These unlikely best buds have been rockin' the internet and warming hearts for a week or two now. During the recent Jesusita fire near Santa Barbara, this fawn and bobcat kitten lost their homes. The bobcat was found near Arnold Schwarzenegger's ranch, all dehydrated and sad and near death. When the good people at Animal Rescue Team brought the kitten in, she ran to the fawn and a beautiful friendship was born. Animal Planet, (where I picked up this story), is quick to point out that the rescue organization doesn't usually pair wild animals of different species together, but was out of room due to the many fire-related animal refugees. If you can help out some animals displaced by the blaze, read the original article and check out the sites listed below. Any amount helps!

Animal Rescue Team

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

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