Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Celebratory cute baby animal round-up

So I just narrowly prevented an air conditioner from falling out my bedroom window. (Calm yourselves: I live on the ground floor. At most it would've been super annoying and I would've sworn a lot.) And so to celebrate (and because my computer's battery is running down), I present you with these wonderful picture of a mama and baby Siamang. Ahhhhh!!!!

From Zooborns

And this herd of baby capybaras. BFFs on parade!!!

From the LA Times Blog

And finally these kissin' baby meerkats!

From the Telegraph.co.uk site

Everybody's so happy! YAY!!!

Dressing up animals: kitty wigs edition

A coworker keyed me into the fabulous and fantastic world of KITTY WIGS!!!!!! At first I thought it'd be really disturbing and kinda sad, but it is not. In fact, it totally reminds me how, as a kid, I used to dress up my awesome, dearly departed cat Dusty up in Halloween costumes such as a witch, a hula girl, a cowgirl, and a gypsy. Also possibly more: I was realllly into this. It was fun, okay???? DON'T SAY THAT THIS IS KINDA DISTURBING AND KINDA SAD. It's not. It's adorable. Quirky. But not in that "movie starring the preacher dude from There Will Be Blood as the love interest" sorta way.

Check out the Kitty Wigs website, if you haven't already. My coworker told me that the above picture reminded him of Diablo Cody, which gives the site like 500 extra points in my book. And hence this post.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Coolest French people ever and their incredible backpacker cat

A coworker keyed me into this INCREDIBLE (read: I wish this was my life, kinda) story. This young French couple decided to backpack from Miami to Tierra del Fuego, all while spending (I believe) a euro a day. AND HANGING OUT WITH THE COOLEST CAT EVER THE APPROPRIATELY NAMED "KITTY," who they encountered in Louisiana, and has been their traveling companion ever since. You can read about the journey and check out some amazing photos on their website Turn of the World.com. It's handily equipped with Google Translate.

Also check out the article and video over at the Urlesque site.

He has a tiny cat umbrella in the video. Ahhhhh it's too much--I love him!!!

Baby sloth bonanza!!!!

What's cuter than a baby sloth? This post proves the answer: A SLOTH IN A BOX. This first guy here is my desktop theme at work. I was sick the week of my birthday and it made me totally mopey and self-pitying...until I looked into this lil' fellow's adorable, kinda weird eyes. And all was right in the world. I strongly encourage you to google image "Baby sloth." There are more cuddly, Precious Moments-eyed wee slothy creatures than you could ever imagine. AND THEY ARE ALL THE BEST THING EVER.

*Pictures from LA Weekly, Daily Motion, Trip Advisor, and The WB)