Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Verreaux's Sifaka wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiime

Another winning selection from my favorite The Daily Mail!!! This time it's shots of a full on all monkey dance party. This is awesome because I was at a dance party last night, too!!!! And the thought that monkeys (in this case, something called a Verreaux's Sifaka) might show up next time--like, maybe if we email them in advance--is really, really inspiring.

Giant rabbit not only big, but also "possessed"

Yes! My favorite bizarre-quality (I was gonna say low-quality, but figured this made more sense) English rag The Daily Mail has given us fans of weird animals the best possible Valentine's Day gift! Namely, another story about a giant rabbit. The story is pretty run-of-the-mill "OMG we have this giant rabbit named Ralph" till you get to this gem of information:

TV medium Derek Acorah, star of 'Most Haunted', visited Mrs Grant at her home in Sussex, believing the rabbit was 'possessed". . . They said it was pretty spooky and he had a good old chat with Ralph about the spirits in our house. He seemed to think Ralph was channelling the spirit of a ghoul.

WOW. And you're welcome everybody! Seriously, don't look into his eyes. That rabbit wants nothing more than to eat your soul.

Monday, 1 February 2010

The White Stuff: baby albino snapping turtles

(Oh my God, even I hate myself for writing that headline. Weird Al-based story titles just should not be.)

My best friend and frequent animal suggester Sarah recently posted this Zooborns story about baby albino snapping turtles on my FB page. (Yes, I like to abbreviate everything; call it the J-Lo effect. FB=Facebook to those who don't know me IRL.) Check them out! So cute...yet so deadly. JUST LIKE THAT TOTAL LADYKILLER CHUCK BASS ON GOSSIP GIRL. (Only one more month till the show returns from its winter hiatus and my life as I know it can resume. One month of ETERNITY!!!!)

"I'm so widdle! And white!!! Yes, yesssssss, stick your finger in my mouth. Yessss."

One of the best things about this story is that the wee baby albino snapping turtles currently live in North Dakota! So technically I could just get in my car one day and be amongst these majestic beasts in a matter of hours (I live in Minnesota.) I say "technically" because I definitely will not be doing that...unless possibly they get some albino bat babies as well. In which case I would tip off my other best friend and fellow Minnesotan, PRINCE, and get him to purchase the entire zoo as his own personal freak animal wonderland. What? I saw him on Friday. Through glass and like 5 feet away, but I DID see him. And now we are besties.

Cat businessman takes Japan by adorable fuzzy storm

Japan has had stationmaster cats, ambassador cats, and probably more than a few of those cats with wigs. Now allow me to introduce Business Cat. He's just like you and me! He works hard, he likes his coffee (catnip) breaks, and he spends more than 50% of his day on the internet. This guy is a modern hero. I don't know what they're selling, but I'm buying it!