Thursday, 1 April 2010

Wallaby on the loose!

Always reliable crazy conservative news outlet Fox is reporting that there is a WALLABY loose in Florida. This is important because I can't come up with anything else for the blog this week and it's almost time for 30 Rock. Anyways, this family's pet wallaby (????) escaped in Florida and is apparently at large. Fun fact: the wallaby escaped by hippity hopping away down a street called WONDER LANE. Fun fact #2: Beatrix Potter totally wrote this news story. The wallaby left home because he wanted to go to a cricket match. Shhhh.

If you see the adorable escapee, please contact your nearest animal cricket league and/or actual helpful animal-related professionals.

Baby De Brazza's Monkey is the best thing to happen to Denver since Casa Bonita

There is a new monkey at the Denver Zoo, and the world is a better place for it. Check out this little guy! "Oh my! Let me give you a hug"--that is what he's saying. Check out this article for an amazing picture of monkey and mom, plus a video. Wow! Maybe it's just the cocktail I had post-work talking, but between this and the legendary Casa Bonita , I can totally see a Denver road trip sometime in my future.