Monday, 24 August 2009

Badger and Otter: Best of Friends

I am always so excited to find out about Unusual Animal BFFs. And these two are especially delightful! The young badger and otter were orphaned at an early age and struck up one of the most unlikeliest/adorablest friendships!!! Check out the video of them playing at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in England. This place sounds wonderful! And yes, I did rip off the headline of this post from the following video on YouTube. It sounds like a super heartwarming illustrated mid-century children's book.

The tiny BFFs make the funniest little giggling noises. Well, depending on your POV, they either sound cute and sweet, or like something that lives under the stairs at your grandparents' creepy old house and that runs around making mischief at night. Your call!

Muffy and Tiddlesworth's ocean adventure

Continuing the (possibly annoying) mental theme I seem to have in regards to all small animals, I readily assumed that these guinea pigs are a) British and b) on their way to the most delightful picnic/tea time/garden luncheon. "It's the most delightful day for an outing, wouldn't you say, Muffy?" they seem to be saying. But OH DIP this is Peru, friends, not Albion, and well, let's just leave it at that. Ideally the pair was released afterwards to frolic and scamper in a charming wee boat made of a hollowed out coconut and a handkerchief for a sail, a tiny conveyance that would bring them safely and shipshapedly to their friends across the ocean.

(Photo from The Spokesman Review.)

Monday, 17 August 2009


Thanks to my friend, the lovely and talented Stacy for leading me to these tiny fuzzy bundles of adorableness. (Also thanks to Cute Overload for not putting up one of those "I steal photos" gifs since I credited them for their hug-inducing photo PLEEEEEASE!) There is not a lot out about these cuddly lil' fellows, although I did find some sort of online squirrel forum called The Squirrel Board which has some pretty awesome pictures of tiny baby squirrels, including two baby squirrel BFFs that could probably bring about world peace in 93% of the world's war torn regions if they were to become international ambassadors. UN, think about it. Heck, that cat ambassador in Japan is doing wonders for his proud nation, and their pancakes in particular.

Caaaarazy 4 Crocs!!!!

I should just change the name of this blog to "ThingsISawOnTheDailyMailTodayAndRippedOff.Blogspot.Com." Tonight I was looking frantically on all the places I usually steal my news from, and then I thought, "Why not give the Daily Mail a look see? I want to start watching this "True Blood" show my friends are always on about." And what do you know, there, at the bottom of the Daily Mail website was a picture of this dude Chito and his best bud, thing. That "flat thing" turns out to be a giant crocodile who is now Chito's BFF after dude saved him from a nasty gunshot wound IN THE EYE. Chito, I commend you, sir. There exists no greater love than that between a man and his croc.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Repost from the UK: The freakish Frankenstein's monster that is the nation's ideal pet

God I love The Daily Mail. Sometimes I confuse it with The Sun, with its infamous Page 3 Girls (because everyone needs a little nudie break between the news about the recession or the war in Iraq. SERIOUSLY. That stuff is HEAVY.) Which is an insult to any newspaper--SORRY!!!

Anyways, The Daily Mail is all animals riding public transit and nutty headlines. And now all the wackiness we know and love it for has been combined into one totally breathtaking, absolutely vital weekend news story. Once again, the headline was so good I ripped it off verbatim.

No joke: I want one. So freaky cute, like Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


This entire lengthy post goes out to my friend, Angie, who started a thread elsewhere about AMAZING CATS. And, as you will see, not technically "all" of these cats are British. I just liked the title, and I said I would post an entry entitled that because I liked the way it sounded, and so I did. DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE)

I Can Has Window Seat???
Commuter Cat Is Star of Bus Route
Is he ever! The title is so whimsical and wonderful, I half expect it was written by a Yorkshire Toad who wrote it up on a little typewriter while sipping some PG Tips and making witty repartee with his Mole Wife. Check out the excellent video!

Mystery Cat Takes Regular Bus to the Shops
There's also this guy, Macavity, another English cat who just can't get enough of buses! This story is a classic, and it has the awesome 4-pane "story board" presentation-style photo, which I looooove. I thought I had posted about this before, but apparently not. I did it out, once, which was pretty awesome, and totally worthwhile to do yourself if you're bored at work!

Cat Saves Japanese Railway
Stationmaster Cat Draws Tourists
Then there is the lovely Tama, a stray who totally revived a Japanese railroad route. I love that they refer to her as "Stationmaster Cat"! Each one of these stories has video footage, and let me tell you, if you're having a crappy day, just watch one, and NO MORE! Crappy day gone.

So hats off to you, commuter cats. And also to you, Angie, for letting me totally rip off your witty and entertaining posting to another source. Ride on, furry buddies, ride on.