Friday, 21 May 2010

Baby sloths=love

My friend Jared brought these amazing sloths into my life this week, and the world is a better place for it. I'm going home from work in 9 minutes, and I hope, so are you. What better way to kick off the weekend than with SLOTHSSSSS???!!!

Seriously, these things are so adorable that they could steal your girlfriend, break into your apartment to make sweet love and then write a bestselling erotic novel about their passionate love affair and you (or I) wouldn't even care. THEY ARE THAT CUTE.

Dwarf lemurs!!!!!

If I've learned anything from doing this blog, it's that an animal's awesomeness is 98% of the time directly proportional to how many photos there are of a scientist (or eccentric Panamanian menagerie owner, your guess is as good as mine) holding a pair of the wee babies of the species in the palm of their learned (or crazy) hand. So you know this previously unprofiled species of lemurs is the good stuff. (As are all lemurs. Yes, they are all awesome. As evidenced by unofficial mascot, Binkie.)

These little friends will grow up to become dwarf lemurs, of which there are two kinds: the fat-tailed dwarf lemur:

And the Coquerel's dwarf lemur:

And because I am legally compelled to post every single picture of touching animal friendship I can find on this blog, here's a photo of a fat-tailed dwarf lemur, and his pal, another "nocturnal prosimian." I am not exactly sure what that means, beyond the fact that it would be an excellent band name. (...Or not, ok. But if you do name your band this, send me like $5 or something.)

All photos are from the Duke University LEMUR CENTER. Duke just went up 500 awesome points in my book.