Friday, 30 October 2009

Just in time for Halloween: baby bats!!!!

What would Halloween be without my annual baby bat roundup?? I know you guys love pictures of baby bats in blankets, and this year I found a whole new heartwarming crop of them. I am gonna go ahead and say that this concludes my very special Halloween edition of OMG What Is HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND EVERYBODY!!!!

Halloween party animals!

YES. Trust the UK tabloid media to provide me with a veritable FLURRY of Animals Enjoying Halloween stories. Well, OK! Magazine inspired me with this piece, complete with really splendid pictures of lemurs hangin' out with a pumpkin. (Definitely click on it: I couldn't link to any of the photos.) And then, something magical happened. The more I googled, the more media outlets appeared to be doing similar stories. Apparently this is a "thing," a trend that is sweeping zoos across the world, this serving zoo denizens a spooooky Halloween meal out of a pumpkin. So let's enjoy, shall we, seeing how our animal friends across the globe celebrate Halloween.


The best part is that the marmoset's name is Princess Leia.



Halloweekend Special: Tasmanian Devils!!!!

For those of us (me) in the Central Time Zone, Halloweekend starts in just over 2.5 hours. And of course, the waiting is UNBEARABLE. I mean, what could be better? It's Halloween, and it's the weekend. Together at last! So in that spirit of waiting for work to be over/it being Halloween, here is one of however many I end up coming up with Halloweekend Special animals. And so without any further ado, here is the inaugural animal (and also perhaps the only one I will think up, I mean come on, I always talk about bats, it seems)...the strangely cute (considering its name and the disproportionately high number of rough and tumble mailroom employees I have seen with "Taz" tattoos) Tasmanian Devil!

Baby Taz=so cute!

"Heeeeey guys!" That's what he's saying.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Something nice

Allow me to start off with "in these troubled times."


"In these troubled times," it's vital that we all help each other out. And I read about this organization today and figured that, beyond talking about giant bunnies/otters who will (one day, evolution willing) be seen shopping next to you at the record store and crazy cat hair innovations, sometimes it's appropriate to actually try and do something good. And so here comes a link to the American Animal Hospital Association. They provide medical assistance to animals who are abandoned or whose owners are having trouble paying the bills. I think this is fantastic! And you know what? You can donate on their site AND JUST IN TIME FOR THE APPROACHING HOLIDAY SEASON.

Tiny pigs FINALLY available as pets

I still don't know exactly what they are, but I love that these pigs are tiny and cute, and that the news anchor looks like a post-punk, English Carson Daly. Thanks to my friend Jaina for sending this video my way.

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It's been a couple days since The Daily Mail,my favorite news source for wacky animal stories, posted this. So far there has been no retraction. And so it must be real, right? RIGHT? It just looks so adorably...photoshopped. But since it must be real, allow me to present you with...

The tiniest/cutest baby hippo OF ALL TIME. Somehow, finding out that there are pygmy hippos was even more shocking to me than discovering giant otters. But I searched on Wikipedia and there they were, and so, as mentioned before, they must be real, right? RIGHT???? They like to live by water, are reclusive, and are nocturnal. Perhaps I am part pygmy hippo. Except for the reclusive part. That only happens sometimes.