Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Adorable baby kangaroos, now available in regular or albino

I can't post the pictures, due to some whim of flickr, but believe me when I say these pictures will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Please see Dark Roasted Blend, a blog devoted to drinking coffee and lookin' at weird stuff. Two of my greatest life joys!!!

And here's a link to Corpus Callosum, a site for my more scientific-minded readers (yeah kids, OMGwhatisthat.blogspot.com is probably not an acceptable source for your school papers), with pictures of a lovable albino baby kangaroo!!!

If normal-sized animals are cute and amazing, then tiny ones must be even MORE cute and MORE amazing. I believe this is a scientific fact. I learned it in 7th grade science class.

Check out this beautiful collection of wee friends.

Dog costume party, UK style

Thanks to Olivia for sending this to me just in time for me to post it when I am too lazy/tired from working two jobs in one day to do the stressful work of googling "weird animal news" until I find something entertaining. So, here is a link to a Dog Costume Party at the Nelson's Head, an awesome pub nearby where I used to live. You can bring your own pizza inside, and there are always frogdogs*!!!

*Frogdog below. This frogdog looks decidedly unfroggy, but totally proud to be an American.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Ewww...but it was inevitable that it be posted here. The Montauk Monster!!!!

I saw it first a couple days ago, on Colbert, having given up on Gawker a couple months ago for some reason I can no longer remember. It is, of course, the Montauk Monster, the toast of summer 2008, which we will perhaps remember fondly for at least another week. Here it is, in all its gross, decaying glory, the underwater hell beast that totally crashed out on the beach, to our delight, and disgust.

And here's the wonderful picture currently gracing the desktop of the timeclock-computer at the record store where I sometimes work. Finally! A change (in decomposition) that we can believe in!

A tribute to a very special badger

Just under two weeks ago, a tragic event occurred, an event which has been haunting me every day. And so I feel I must pay tribute to a very special badger. Here's the story: after a fun and low-key tubin' trip to the Cannon River, some friends and I were driving back to Minneapolis on some winding country roads. As we ascended a hill, we saw a badger crossing the road. It was too close to stop. There was a collective intake of breath. Then--miraculously--the badger made it across. A sigh of relief. Then...tentatively...foolhardily, or perhaps, bravely, a second badger tiptoed into the road.

There was nothing for it. If we swerved, we would hit the badger who had made it safely across. So the entire car gasped, and suddenly there was a THUMP as we hit the badger. Silence reined throughout the car. I had never been in a vehicle that had hit an animal before.

Now, as a coworker tried to tell me, "maybe he made it...but probably not." And in that case, this little badger died for his friend. And that's heartwarming. Last night we drank a toast to that brave badger, and today I would like to dedicate a post on omgwhatisthat.blogspot.com, with some pictures of my favorite badgers throughout history.

God rest your soul, little buddy. You were a brave, brave lil' badger.

Roger the nutria

This is a follow-up to the picture of the guy with the lollipop-lovin' nutria at a county fair. And this picture is from someone's flickr page. I really hope they will be okay with me posting it, because it is incredible. Look at this nutria!!! We named him Roger one day at work. Do you know what he is saying? He is saying...


Little known fact: all nutrias have a slight speech impediment, due to their giant rat-beaver teeth.