Friday, 26 March 2010


Thank you Jezebel/Getty for this wonderful image. My day just got 5000x better.

Oh wait! I just read this article and it's now 50,000,000x better! Apparently this lil' guy lives at the London Zoo's new NO BARRIERS NO RULES exhibit where you can walk through and interact with nature's greatest gift: primates (etc.). I am totally checking this out this when I go to London next month.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Small friends 4eva

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back from my vacation in sunny Austin, TX for the annual SXSW music festival. And I have a problem. That problem is that I am no longer on vacation. Oh--also that I can't find any frickin' new weird animals on the internet. COME ON SCIENTISTS,DO I HAVE TO FUND YOUR EXPEDITIONS MYSELF??? Fortunately, I did stumble upon a site some friends had told me about, which had blown my mind...and which I had promptly forgotten till now. It's the Tiny Animals on Fingers Flickr set, and it will change your life. It is the Mary Tyler Moore of websites. It will take a nothing day and blah blah give you one blog entry so you felt like you got something done before you go watch Season 3 of Mad Men on DVD.

If anyone has any weird animal coverage suggestions, feel free to comment! Otherwise I shall return next week with some Daily Mail story on dogs that are bigger than their owners or toads in a rock band.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Goth penguin!

Here we have another reader tip, this time from my friend Keri. This all black penguin may be the perfect animal for me to profile here on, as it is both a) a wacky animal and b) totally goth. And if you have ever read this blog's sister blog Diamonds Fur Coat Champagne, you will know I like kind of um, dark post-punk. Yes, that's how I shall put it. Now I shall go off into the night to hang out at my local Hot Topic and hassle the "normal" shoppers. You guys just don't GET IT, maaaan. (Joking!!! Joking!!!!)

Anyways, check out this blog's coverage of the greatest penguin of our time. I love the quote where the photographer who papped this penguin calls him/her? "an absolute monster" because of the size of the penguin's legs. That is just the kind of intolerance and superficial judgment that this penguin is trying to get away from by listening to The Cure and writing sad poetry. Come on people, it's 2010!!! Let's celebrate our differences. Also, please note Goth Penguin, Nightshadowe, let's call him, is looking rather emotively at the camera. This is so his Facebook pic.

Otter magic!

Deputy weird animal expert and my BFF Sarah sent me this adorable otter who just loves being tickled! Wait--I think "adorable" is an understatement. Post pictures of this otter in war-torn nations and there would be no more strife. This--ladies and gentlemen--is the Otter of Peace. The Otter of Love. Heck, let's just create a cult around this otter in the depths of the MN Northwoods near the Canadian border and build giant otter sculptures that will baffle and amaze future generations.

I bring you your new lord and master...of YOUR HEART.

The Daily Otter