Thursday, 25 March 2010

Small friends 4eva

Ladies and gentlemen, I am back from my vacation in sunny Austin, TX for the annual SXSW music festival. And I have a problem. That problem is that I am no longer on vacation. Oh--also that I can't find any frickin' new weird animals on the internet. COME ON SCIENTISTS,DO I HAVE TO FUND YOUR EXPEDITIONS MYSELF??? Fortunately, I did stumble upon a site some friends had told me about, which had blown my mind...and which I had promptly forgotten till now. It's the Tiny Animals on Fingers Flickr set, and it will change your life. It is the Mary Tyler Moore of websites. It will take a nothing day and blah blah give you one blog entry so you felt like you got something done before you go watch Season 3 of Mad Men on DVD.

If anyone has any weird animal coverage suggestions, feel free to comment! Otherwise I shall return next week with some Daily Mail story on dogs that are bigger than their owners or toads in a rock band.