Friday, 30 January 2009

Rabbit wedding

I think the concept of people making animals get married is really funny. And my wrists are starting to hurt from typing so much today. So fortunately after some strenuous googling, I dug up this BBC story from 2006 about the marriage of two very large bunnies. From the article:

A bowler hat was placed on the head of Roberto, aged three, who is 3ft 6in long and is believed to be the biggest rabbit in the world.

Organisers dressed Amy in a mini veil and a wedding band was placed around her paw.

What a blushing bride. For any true romantics out there, I definitely suggest clicking on the link.

Scientific forays into heartwarmingness: marmosets and their marmoset language

Marmosets, previously known largely for their ability to look ridiculously heartwarming (see photos), have been revealed to have a recently discovered incredible new reason for awesomeness. They talk. Well, they have tiny adorable dialects, with distinct accents and stuff. AND THEY ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES!!! Japanese macaques and chimps have their own special primate languages, too. Man, I hope that when Obama said this administration would bring back science to its rightful place or whatever, I hope that he meant increased funding for studies in ADORABLENESS. Check out the story at the National Geographic site. Primate Dialects Recorded in South America--A First

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Great ideas in natural selection: pink iguana species discovered

He's an iguana. He's pink. What's not to love? And how long till Paris Hilton snaps one of these up? You KNOW they'd look better with a diamond collar than a plain ol' green iguana.

Pink iguanas or "sparkle lizards," as I believe the scientific community must now be required to call them, were actually discovered in 1986, but was only recently declared to be its own heartwarming species. They live, where else!, in the Galapagos.

France welcomes new weirdadorable baby lemur into the world

Welcome to life, you freaky cute green-eyed little charmer. He was born at the Besançon Zoo in France just in time for the Inauguration, which I'm sure he totally watched on TV with a bunch of baby geckos or something.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

More adorable than your coworker's baby pictures

Embarrassing confession: as a child I owned probably like fifty or so stuffed animals. No baby dolls. Did not want. (This was probably somewhat telling inasmuch that my life plans include a) someday having an awesome career and b) if that fails, to live in a decaying Victorian house with lots and lots of CATS.) And so, when my grade school class performed a Thanksgiving play and I was assigned the role of a pilgrim lady, there was a big debate about whether I could swaddle my favorite stuffed baby buffalo in a blanket and bring 'er to that special feast, or if I had to carry around some foreign, plastic HUMAN baby. In the end, I went with the baby. Anything for the play, you know. But when you see these amazingly "ahhhhh"-inducing photos sent to me by my BFF Sarah, you'll understand my dilemma.

Who knew a monkey and a sloth could be tiny buddies? Ahhhhh meter ranking: ULTRAHIGH.

These are all zoo babies, and so hence the site Shockingly heartwarming!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pallas' Cat: Central Asia's Best Kept Secret??

Check out this caaa-razy kitty! It's called a manul, or Pallas' cat, and it lives in Central Asia. So adorable! So weird, kinda!

Look at 'em! There's a bunch of little Pallas buddies, hanging out in a box together! The greatest gift of all? So freaky cute!!! Kinda like Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl....

Underwater wonders: the squid edition

Amazing. This thing, the oh-so-adorably-named piglet squid, is real. Way to go nature!!! While google image searching this thing, I came across a website dedicated solely to squids. Incredible! If only these people would do a similar tarsier-themed website.