Monday, 16 March 2009

Hedgehogs galore!

They live in gardens! They're tiny and run on itty-bitty legs!!! What's not to love? These creatures are so little and adorable, you just know they have heartwarming tea parties with their froggy neighbors.

Soooo wittle!!!! As has been previously reported on this blog, adorable baby animals cannot properly produce the "L" sound.

Pink animals round II: Dolphin edition

Perhaps you recall the beauty and romance of the pink iguanas I posted several weeks ago. Now thanks to my friend and coworker Stacy, OMG, what ist hat??? The blog is pleased to present you with...the pink dolphin. You can find all kinds of fairly credible actual "news" news sources that have reported on this albino little fellow living in a Louisiana lake, but frankly I prefer this article.

"Shockingly Pink" Dolphin Will Warm Our Hearts, Sass Up Our Oceans
. The real magic is in the headline, I believe.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Crazy about cavies!!!

So apparently last year this guy in Milwaukee found this pet cavy just hanging out in the middle of the street and from the looks of this picture, totally made a new fuzzy BFF!!! The Oregonian here has a pretty good write-up of the heartwarming saga.

Freaky baby armadillo

Is it wrong of me to think that, in a weird way, it's also kinda cute? Sure it looks kinda larval, but it's so itty-bitty!!! Thanks to Stacy for alerting me to this creature. Lil' Squirmy--as I'm going to call him--was born about a month ago at the Minnesota Zoo.

"Wuv' me!!!"--Lil' Squirmy

You can find another pic on the City Pages blog.