Saturday, 28 June 2008

A tribute to geeps

Goat plus sheep, together at last. But its offspring is just TOO LONG!!!

My pet giant guinea pig thing

Actually it's a capybara. On a leash. And it visited a farm in Texas and made friends with a tiny donkey. Beautiful.

More pictures here at this blog I discovered, Scribal Terror: Nature. There is a story about a baby mammoth unearthed from the ice, seahorses living in the Thames, and video of a kitty who walks on his front paws!!! Extraordinary!!! A blog after my own freak animal heart.

Baby bush baby

I found him while bored, kinda drunk, and google imaging stuff. It's a baby bush baby!!!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Footage of beautiful frog wedding!!!

At last, I have found it. Footage of the frog weddings taking place in India. You can watch the Reuters video, as well as a totally fun commercial!!!! right here. The magic is compounded by the video journalist being named Penny Tweedie. Sooooo Brideshead Revisited.

More Dog and Monkey BFFs

My friend Laura took her dog to a street fair in New Orleans and an amazing friendship between her Boston Terrier and a helper monkey took place. It will touch your soul. But I can't post pictures b/c you have to buy here's a link.

Beautiful friendship

and here's a Reuters video of a dog and monkey who became friends after a terrible, terrible rainstorm in Mozambique.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Amazing BFF animal blog

While google-image searching "mouse on frog" yesterday at work, I discovered this phenomenal blog dedicated to cross-species BFFs. The person behind Let's Be Friends is my new hero.

Frog and mouse BFF

This is an old story, but the picture and the journalism totally make up for it being 2+ years old. Highlights from National

It could be the most spirited interspecies escape since The Rescuers.


According to the Indo-Asian News Service, some rural Indians are holding frog weddings in the hopes that the amphibians' bliss will inspire farm-saving storms. After marking the bride and groom with vermillion and turmeric—traditional adornments in human Hindu nuptials—villagers take the supposedly happy couple to a nearby pond to honeymoon.