Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Night of the flying colugos

This is a colugo. According to a Berkeley University article, this "'flying' lemur of Malaysia is the champion of all gliding mammals, able to drop from the forest canopy, glide more than the length of two football fields, execute 90-degree turns and then alight gently on a tree trunk."

Colugos were formed millions of years ago after a squirrel and a bat met at a tree-shrew party in college, decided they didn't give a damn about what society thought, and would stay in Malaysia forever to produce their race of flying squirrel bat children.*

*Not scientifically proven.

Party shrew!!!

This little dude loves to PARTAY!!! (Well, not this exact type of little dude--I couldn't find a picture of Malaysia's pen-tailed tree shrew, but this is a tree shrew nonetheless.) According to this BBC report, the party shrews drink fermented flower nectar (Ahhhh....) that would give them "a 36% chance of being drunk by human standards." Except the booze doesn't seem to effect them!!! They just keep partyin'!!!

There are also some videos on the BBC site, including one with the waaaaay British tag "slow loris fancies a tipple." Indeed!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Man feeding lollipops to giant rat creature

"Yesss, eat my precious nutria, you have a long day ahead of you here at the El Paso County Fair!"

2 fast 2 furious: that lizard that runs on water!!!

Here he is, in all his glory! The lizard that runs on water! This is one of the finest of all God's creatures, significantly better than narwhals, and almost as amazing as mouse-lemurs or tarsiers.