Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Adorable Yoda fox

This is a Fennec fox. He is the nature's perfect combination of those two irreconcilable enemies, dogs and cats. And also Yoda.

Dogs that people dyed weird colors

Oh, the humiliation of being a dog. People wanna dress you up like a bumblebee, people wanna dye you colors nature never intended.

Yes, thank you Costume for contributing the following beautiful creation. And just for existing.

For real, it is NOT a panda. Real talk! Where could this ridiculous concoction have come from? Why, where else, but England's The Sun "newspaper!" (See My Dog's Actually a Panda.)

Sunday, 25 May 2008

It's baaaaack!!!! (This blog, that is.)

I don't know if I quite wanna deem this a triumphant return, but let's just say that the last three posts constitute a TRIUMPHANT RETURN to the internet for After a month of being employed at one of the most soulsucking, time-consuming corporate jobs ever, I am back online, bringing you the best and brightest in freak animals. And to celebrate, here's a shot of Binkie the mouse lemur's cuddly, extremely lovable little sibling. I can't think of a more excruciatingly adorable name than Binkie, so I am taking nominations for this lil' guy.

Ehhhh!!!! The unholy FROGAMANDER!!!

If you're like me, you're always looking for THE MISSING LINK. And if you're sick of pondering "what's the missing link between frogs and salamanders???", then National Geographic has news for you. They've found it!!! In freaky fossil form.

"I'ma eat you, little fly dude!!!"

From the online news story:

"It had an overall amphibian gestalt. … You know, kind of a froggy salamander-y sort of look," said Jason Anderson, a comparative biologist at the University of Calgary, Canada, who led a new analysis of the fossil.

"So it's kind of a frogamander, if you will," said Anderson.

Oh man, I think we all will, Mr. Anderson!!!

Monkeys with cats

A match made in heaven!!!

WHOA!!!!!!! Check out this amazing site,

Super smart, adorable, talking parrot!

So this parrot in Japan gets out and gets lost. And police find him on a roof and bring him to the vet's office. And that's where things start gettin' AWESOME.

According to an report:

"I'm Mr. Yosuke Nakamura," the bird told the veterinarian, according to Uemura. The parrot also provided his full home address, down to the street number, and even entertained the hospital staff by singing songs.

Shazaam!!! Isn't that great??? The parrot's name is Mr. Yosuke Nakamura!!! I love him. Do you think he sang showtunes? I would guess that a parrot would sing showtunes.

Thanks, River, for pointing this out in my time of internet absence.