Sunday, 30 November 2008

The littlest froggie

This little fellow was discovered on the same animal-findin' expedition as the loung-a-roo pictured first in the post below. Dude is only 0.6in long and is so tiny that he was "detected only when it produced a soft call from among leaves on the steepest part of the forest floor," according to National Geographic.

Totally tree kangaroos!

This golden-mantled tree kangaroo was recently discovered maxin' and relaxin' with a crew of super chill scientists who discovered a ton of new animals (or in the case of this cute little dude, never before known to inhabit Indonesia).

And this Goodfellow's tree kangaroo was discovered when I tried googling the guy above. Clearly it's safe to say that when nature puts a kangaroo in a tree, the internet wins.


Tiny tarsiers possibly even more awesome than big ones

Behold, the pygmy tarsier. Long thought extinct, they were recently discovered alive and adorable (?) in Indonesia. MSNBC really brought this story to the fore with their recently published piece entitled (of course) Real life furbies rediscovered. Hey-yoooo!!! Everybody knows nothing makes online news readers click "read more" faster than an outdated Christmas toy reference!!!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

More awesome pictures of lizards in outfits!

My dream: a bartender lizard

This site is incredible. You can get an anti-Bush or a cowboy lizard outfit/harness!!!

Ok, so it's not an outfit, but best buddies are the greatest accessory!!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008