Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Halloween miracle

Photo courtesy of BBC News.

Halloweentide is fast approaching, and with it, a British News Source's fancy turns to the magic that is animals with pumpkins. Seriously. Every October every news outlet in the UK is legally required (Queen's orders!!) to do a photo essay or something on zoo animals playing with pumpkins or dogs spray-painted like cheetahs or what have you. Check The Guardian! They always do one. Check The Daily Mail! (Gross...or DON'T.) They always do like, seventeen. And now today, the BBC brings us this delightful little somethin' somethin' about a rare breed of adorable, future (small "t" small "p") tea-party-hosting baby hazel dormice.*

Clearly this story was written by Britain's top Internet Cuteologists because it includes phrases like "The endangered siblings currently live in a small pumpkin which acts as both a secure nest and a tasty snack" and--on the topic of hourly feedings--"'We use a tiny paintbrush dipped in formula milk.'" Ehhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY LIVE IN A PUMPKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good God, someone get a stop-motion animation team on the case as soon as possible.

Fun facts about dormice: they spend up to 3/4 of their lives asleep. Insert your "get this dormouse in to do my job!"/"wake up, SHEEPLE"/"teenagers these days" joke here.But seriously, get these dormice in to do my job.

*All tiny British wildlife host tea parties. OBVIOUSLY.