Friday, 8 August 2008

A tribute to a very special badger

Just under two weeks ago, a tragic event occurred, an event which has been haunting me every day. And so I feel I must pay tribute to a very special badger. Here's the story: after a fun and low-key tubin' trip to the Cannon River, some friends and I were driving back to Minneapolis on some winding country roads. As we ascended a hill, we saw a badger crossing the road. It was too close to stop. There was a collective intake of breath. Then--miraculously--the badger made it across. A sigh of relief. Then...tentatively...foolhardily, or perhaps, bravely, a second badger tiptoed into the road.

There was nothing for it. If we swerved, we would hit the badger who had made it safely across. So the entire car gasped, and suddenly there was a THUMP as we hit the badger. Silence reined throughout the car. I had never been in a vehicle that had hit an animal before.

Now, as a coworker tried to tell me, "maybe he made it...but probably not." And in that case, this little badger died for his friend. And that's heartwarming. Last night we drank a toast to that brave badger, and today I would like to dedicate a post on, with some pictures of my favorite badgers throughout history.

God rest your soul, little buddy. You were a brave, brave lil' badger.

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Gina said...

this entry was like a healing balm, a badger balm if you will, for my emotional injuries of that day. or something, i don't know, i was kinda passed out when it happened.