Wednesday, 5 August 2009


This entire lengthy post goes out to my friend, Angie, who started a thread elsewhere about AMAZING CATS. And, as you will see, not technically "all" of these cats are British. I just liked the title, and I said I would post an entry entitled that because I liked the way it sounded, and so I did. DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE)

I Can Has Window Seat???
Commuter Cat Is Star of Bus Route
Is he ever! The title is so whimsical and wonderful, I half expect it was written by a Yorkshire Toad who wrote it up on a little typewriter while sipping some PG Tips and making witty repartee with his Mole Wife. Check out the excellent video!

Mystery Cat Takes Regular Bus to the Shops
There's also this guy, Macavity, another English cat who just can't get enough of buses! This story is a classic, and it has the awesome 4-pane "story board" presentation-style photo, which I looooove. I thought I had posted about this before, but apparently not. I did it out, once, which was pretty awesome, and totally worthwhile to do yourself if you're bored at work!

Cat Saves Japanese Railway
Stationmaster Cat Draws Tourists
Then there is the lovely Tama, a stray who totally revived a Japanese railroad route. I love that they refer to her as "Stationmaster Cat"! Each one of these stories has video footage, and let me tell you, if you're having a crappy day, just watch one, and NO MORE! Crappy day gone.

So hats off to you, commuter cats. And also to you, Angie, for letting me totally rip off your witty and entertaining posting to another source. Ride on, furry buddies, ride on.

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