Sunday, 14 February 2010

Giant rabbit not only big, but also "possessed"

Yes! My favorite bizarre-quality (I was gonna say low-quality, but figured this made more sense) English rag The Daily Mail has given us fans of weird animals the best possible Valentine's Day gift! Namely, another story about a giant rabbit. The story is pretty run-of-the-mill "OMG we have this giant rabbit named Ralph" till you get to this gem of information:

TV medium Derek Acorah, star of 'Most Haunted', visited Mrs Grant at her home in Sussex, believing the rabbit was 'possessed". . . They said it was pretty spooky and he had a good old chat with Ralph about the spirits in our house. He seemed to think Ralph was channelling the spirit of a ghoul.

WOW. And you're welcome everybody! Seriously, don't look into his eyes. That rabbit wants nothing more than to eat your soul.

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