Wednesday, 27 May 2009

FINALLY, Japan creates supercute, superglowing green primates

Once again, my BFF Sarah did all the legwork for this story and just forwarded it my way so that I could do as little work as possible and still give this blog weekly updates. EXCELLENT. And what a story it is!

Scientists in--where else?--Japan have genetically engineered glowing monkeys. Sure, they glow green only under a special light, which is probably not available to you and I--NO, not even at Spencer's Gifts. Notice the 4-pane split screen photo I selected for this story (because I love split screen photos; check 'em out, each pane is so different, all with their own lil' glowing marmoset personalities!). The photo shows just a tantalizing glimpse of what their specially glowing hair roots, blood, and skin look like under the aforementioned superscientific light. How did this miracle occur? Through the careful splicing of a jellyfish gene into the wee embryonic monkeys. While this innovation may seem like the perfect accompaniment to Japan's recent crop of robot models/teachers or the Deadhead who just wants to keep reliving that magical LSD trip at the circus, these little dayglo primates were actually bred to study Parkinson's and ALS. Read more in the wonderfully named Yahoo news story Green Glowing Monkeys Have Green Glowing Babies.

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