Friday, 8 May 2009

Giant reptiles part XXIV: giant turtle edition

Another Maley suggestion. Check this guy out! He can grow up to six feet in length, which means he could totally party with those huge South American otters, but not really the giant toads, because they are big, sure, but scale-wise, it just wouldn't work. But whatever, right? The otters and turtles could go to Wisconsin Dells together, or like, to the movies, or say a record store. Sadly, the Cantor's giant soft-shelled turtle is endangered. It was last seen in Cambodia six years ago, but I mean, when you find out that Cantor's turtles spend 95% of their life buried and unmoving, with only eyes and mouth visible, only surfacing twice a day to breath, it's really not all that surprising that no one sees them all thaaaaat often. Scientific fact: the other 5% of their life is spent water skiing and eating Bugles brand snacks.

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