Friday, 22 May 2009

"The Superb Lyre Bird"

Drew told me about this creature a week or two ago, and up until now I have been too busy doing boring crap to look it up. It's the lyre bird! They're famed--according to BBC host David Attenborough--for their beautiful song. And it's true; it's hypnotic! Just like those little plastic birds where you rest the bird (well, its tiny little underside sensors) in the palm of your hand and it begins to warble. You know the ones--you used to be able to find them in the tacky lawn ornament/gift departments of WalMarts and plant nurseries, AND YOUR PARENTS WOULD NEVER BUY YOU (me) ONE. Anyways, it's like that, but as Attenborough goes on to explain, it's EVEN MORE COMPELLING because the lyre bird likes to throw a few surprises in there for his listening audience, namely sounds the bird has picked up from living in a jungle, surrounded apparently by BBC and National Geographic photographers who set things on fire a lot. Watch/listen for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

what an amazing bird