Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Aye-aye, I love you!!

Whenever I have seen baby aye-ayes while google imaging stuff, I have always kind of thought they might not be exactly 100% real. You know, like, that gross human dog thing that sometimes comes up, or other similar photoshop nightmares. Not that baby aye-ayes are nightmares--oh no!!! They are weird-lookin', to be sure, but they are also kinda cute in a freaky way. Just the way I like 'em!

Read the article Second Aye-Aye Ever Born in North America at And definitely watch the video. "Meep!" he says. Meep. Just straight up heartwarming. Meep. Photos below from the Zooborns article. Thanks to Sarah for sending me this.

Meep! They are endangered, and only two US zoos have these little guys as part of breeding programs: the Denver Zoo, where this wee little fellow was born, and the San Francisco Zoo. Meep meep meep. I love him.

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