Friday, 6 November 2009

4EVA Quolls

Quolls are the best. Like many of their Antipodean kin, they have a totally awesome name that's either disgustingly cute ("numbat") or close to unpronounceable (ahem, "quoll"). I mean, I can say it, being a hyper-gifted online animal finder and supremely advanced pronouncer of words of all kinds, but you know not everyone is as gifted, am I right?

I also love quolls (sure I just discovered them a couple days ago, but love comes quickly, right? To quote the Pet Shop Boys.) for the following reasons, all of which I gleaned from a very casual scanning of Wikipedia:

1. They are referred to as "native cats." YET THEY LOOK NOTHING LIKE CATS!!!!!!! Insanity!

2. They develop a pouch, but only at certain times of the year. That is just weird. Don't try to argue with me, scientists. It's weird. It comes and goes? Like maybe my arm could just come and go, depending on whether I need to say, text message people all day when I'm at work or, like when I need to high five someone?

3. This little gem of information: "Their molars and canines smell strongly of gasoline." Oh also, the article wants to stress that they don't have prehensile tails. This is probably for the best, as who wants something that can just grow body parts and also lift up stuff with their tail. It'd just be too much! Imagine the power they would possess. Beyond that they already possess: the power to make us love. Ahhhhh....

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Vultur said...

The "molars smelling of gasoline" thing was Wikipedia vandalism. It was added to a bunch of articles mentioning molars a while back.

A pity, I wish it were true...