Friday, 8 January 2010

Maned wolf=best wolf

Wolves are pretty cool, right? I mean, there have been A TON of bands with the word "wolf" in their name lately. I know what you're thinking: how can wolves get any better? I'll tell you: WHEN THEY LOOK LIKE REALLY TALL FOXES.

As has previously been discussed on this blog (I think; I'm too lazy to check and I gotta go home soon to eat delicious TACOS), foxes are one of the best animals. I love their dainty little black legs. I love how they love grapes!!! (Hence, they probably like wine and GET THIS: so do I.) And I love how somehow (and with 100% no scientific basis for which to say this) they are totally the perfect combination of CAT and DOG. (You see it, too, right? RIGHT???) And so it stands to reason that, if they had even longer legs, they would be even better. And oh yeah--they'd also be maned wolves, but who even knows what I'm talking about by now anyways.

So maned wolves live in parts of South America. They are sometimes referred to as "a Red Fox on Stilts" (yes, by people other than me. I would call them "tall foxes") and "Skunk Wolves" (figure it out.) God these things are awesome.


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