Thursday, 26 February 2009

Animal Magic: Astounding Victorian Taxidermy

I first read an article about Victorian hobby taxidermist Walter Potter and his crazy animal dioramas when I went to the Christmas All Tomorrow's Parties in 2007. It was so incredible that we taped up the article in our chalet, and now, after not thinking of it the other sixty-something times I posted on this blog, I bring a selection of fine scenes to you. Note: according to the Guardian article that I read, all the animals were discovered to be already dearly departed before Potter used them.

First two pictures from, last one from boingboing,net. Google image this fellow and you will find all kinds of even crazier stuff!!! Seriously, there are cat weddings, pig bands, and bird funeral processions that I either couldn't find or wouldn't fit on the page. Google image away!

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