Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sugar gliders

Because Sarah loves them, and they are funny but awesome looking.

Check out little Air Jordan dude!!!

He is all like, "Oh my! Fancy meeting you here!"


Lori said...

The creatures are precious. I'm considering getting one.

What do they eat?
How do you care for them?
Do they travel well?
Are they hearty or very delicate?

Francisdom said...

Those are some awesome creatures. I heard they were alot though!

Anonymous said...

Sugar gliders require a great deal of time, attention and money. If they do not receive enough attention, they may become depressed and hostile. They can also develop health problems if they do not have a balanced diet. They require a wide variety of foods from fresh fruit to insects.They can also live for more than 12 years. I suggest doing a lot of research before making such a commitment.

Anonymous said...

I've done quite a lot of research recently, they are actually pretty awesome. Here are a few sites that are very helpful. They are actually not alot of work, they are not the cheapest pet to get but their food and keep is actually quite cheap and simple.

Anonymous said...

I heard that a male smells on the top of there head is that true

Anonymous said...

They only smell if you give them a low-quality food. Higher the quality better their health and smell. DO NOT get a cheap cage. They need to be 1/2 inch wide 1/2 high for the bars so they can climb with ease.. and at least 2 levels. They don't have to eat insects.. Just a good quality food.. Give them vitamins every couple days. Buy a heat rock or a heat lamp. Preferably, a heat rock. Lay it near there bed so they can curl up near it when they get cold. Do not put there cage near a window or a place where it gets to hot in the daytime and to cold at night. Put it some place where a lot of people normally hang out so they get attention reguarly even when in there cage. These animals do not cost a lot compared to others. The animal itself can range from $100 to $300 depending on where you live and where you buy it. I suggest you don't buy it from the internet seeing as how some people don't have licenses to sell them, even if they say they do. They should have a valid USDA lisence, just so you know.
Go to It's the most trustworthy website about owning a Sugar Glider. <3

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is lots of debate surrounding as it is said to be linked to Perfect Pocket Pets. They are a commercial breeder of Suggies which is in general the same as a puppy mill. I personally would NOT trust any information listed on the website or anything related to them or Perfect Pocket Pets. I have 2 of them that I rescued. They require a large amount of time and energy. They cannot just live on pellet food and they have specific diet and vitamin. You should definitely have at least two of them. Even if you could provide enough attention for one glider, you cannot cuddle with them in their pouch at night. PLEASE if you are thinking about getting one do your research. Find someone who owns them so you can see what they're like. Also, please do your research on the sources you get your information. If you have any questions on suggies, please e-mail me